Thursday, April 28, 2011

PowerTalk 21 Day

Last week, parents around the country started the conversation on PowerTalk 21™ day—the national day to talk about kids an alcohol. MADD hosted national events in Dallas, New York and San Diego as well as local events in cities and towns across the country. Congress made it official by passing a resolution deeming April 21 as PowerTalk 21 day.

I have a 20-year-old daughter of my own, and I know how hard this topic can be. Kids don’t come with instruction manuals. That’s why MADD developed the Power of Parents, It’s Your Influence™ handbook. It provides valuable insights into teens and tips on communicating about a tough topic in a way that can reduce your child’s risk of drinking by up to 30 percent. I’ve used it myself and trust me…it’s worth downloading (which you can do here).

We’re also providing free parent workshops in cities across the country. I was lucky enough to host one in San Diego. The feedback was unanimously positive. Parents appreciated the help tackling this difficult topic. Click here to see if there is an upcoming workshop in your area.

If you missed PowerTalk 21 day, don’t worry. This can’t be a one time conversation. Parents need to talk about this important topic with their kids early and often. Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood echoed these sentiments in his blog, reminding parents that “every day is a good day for starting that discussion.”

Check out some of our pictures from events across the country and mark your calendar for next year’s PowerTalk 21 on April 21, 2012! In the meantime, keep talking …

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