Monday, March 1, 2010

This Weekend

How many parties did your teen have a chance to go to this weekend where alcohol was served? Did you talk to them ahead of time and ask them to not go? Did they go and get drunk or tell their friends they don't like to drink? How does your teen deal with peer pressure? How do you deal with your teen's peer pressure problems? Running the other way won't help. Here's how to answer some of their tough questions.

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  1. I am not a parent but I am a teacher. There are alot of kids out there that are teenagers and in junior high with alot of issuses (problems). The problems start from the home to my knowledge. Something needs to be dont in the school system to discipline these kids. I am not talking about throwing them in to AEP or detention etc. Teachers need to take the time and work with some of these kids, well the kids that want to be helped. Dont get me wrong there are kids out there who really just don't care about anyone, those are the one who need to get out of being on the streets with there friends stop the drugs and alcohol. I can't explain how rude the next generation kids are coming to be.